Support in all areas of computing and IT – from learning to use your mobile or tablet, reviving slow hardware and solving networking problems, through to cloud computing, web design and the management of an effective online presence …


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Providing access to low-cost creation and hosting of websites for the small businesses, non-profit organisations, clubs and communities of Northern Dartmoor and the surrounding area.

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HillTopSkills provides computing support, from the northern edge of Dartmoor, in Devon.

Following nine years working as a Primary Teacher, coordinating ICT and Computing within the schools in which I taught, I am now offering the skills and experience that I have to home, small business, school, artist or non-profit organisation users of technology in Devon.

I can provide no-nonsense practical advice, learning, technical support, system setup and content creation – including web design – to put you in control of your computing, mobile technology and online presence.



Training in any area you require. Learn to do what you need to do, with a patient teacher, rather than an IT technician. It doesn’t have to be scary, and it’s never too late to learn!

Problem Solving

Help with tidying, organizing, speeding-up, repairing, upgrading, linking, connecting, fixing, synchronizing, removing, and whatever else you might need …



Networks and sharing in the cloud, websites, social media and online shops. Whatever you would like to to achieve, I can advise, design and create, and support along the way.



All work I carry out is charged at a standard rate of £20 per hour. For existing clients, I provide FREE, rapid telephone or email support – and, if you are based locally, I will visit you on-site, as soon as is reasonably possible.

Visit moorSITES.com for more details of my low-cost web design and hosting services.

Home Users

I can fix a wide range of problems with operating systems and hardware setup, and offer patient, personalised tutoring and training on your own devices – making you able to make them do what you want them to do! I can also set up and advise upon the use of the cloud for sharing and secure background backup. Whatever you would like help with, please just ask!

Small Businesses

For home-based or other small businesses, I can help set up and maintain admin systems, small networks and cloud based networks – allowing sharing of documents and communication at any time, on or off site (includng via mobile devices). I can set up and help manage your online presence (including via social media), design and create websites – optimised for search engines and allowing online sales. Most importantly, I can train you in the use of your systems, and be on call to provide backup.


For musicians, bands, artists, photographers, writers and small craft enterprises, I can support with the creation of and online presence – including the selling of work – either through digital download, or through the online ordering of physical products. I can design, create and arrange the hosting of your website – and set up, and link, other social accounts. For musicians, I can guide you through the self-release, online marketing and sale of singles or albums.


As a past primary school class teacher, I approach technology in schools from the point of view of a staff member, rather than and IT specialist. I take a pragmatic approach to the use of technology, and I will make what you have do what you need it to do. I can also provide training and ongoing support for staff, in a positive and understanding way, and a fast and flexible response to technical queries and cries for help!

Non-Profit Organisations

Clubs, small charities, village halls and parish councils have very specific needs, and rely upon time given voluntarily, with members often using their own equipment and software to work on behalf of the group. I can provide setup and support for organisation, administration, communication and an online presence – including the use of cloud-based networks for committee members, and professional domain-based email.

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